Potato mash with bits of fish

We make this porridge of sea cod fillet, we add cream, butter, milk, and dill. Fish is a highly valuable product for a baby. It contains high quality proteins, omega-3 fatty acids, vitamins, and minerals. The porridge has a mild taste and smell. It is free of sugar, gluten, it contains lactose.

Ingredients: potato 45%, water, milk (2.5% fat) 15%, marine cod fillet 10%, cream (36% fat), butter (82% fat), dill.

Nutritional declaration per 100g:
Energy and nutritive value 100 g: 336 kJ/80 kcal, fat 3.7g, of which: saturated fatty acids 2g, carbohydrates 8.8g, of which: sugars 1.2g, starch 7.5g, fibre 0.7g, protein 2.6g, salt 0.06g.  The salt content depends only on natural sodium in it.

Net weight: 190 g.

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