Beef tongue appetizer

This snack is a real delicacy for your baby. It is made of beef tongue and vegetables grown on Lithuanian farms, including beets, peas, zucchinis, and potatoes. Beef tongue is particularly rich in potassium, sodium, vitamins D, E, group B vitamins. Beets are a great product in case of anaemia and for restoration of energy levels. It is free of sugar, gluten, and lactose.

Ingredients: potato, water, beets 14.8%, bovine tongue 12%, zucchini, green peas 2.9%, vegetable oil.

Nutritional declaration per 100g:
Energy and nutritive value 100 g: 381 kJ/91 kcal, fat 3.4g, of which: saturated fatty acids 0.7g, carbohydrates 11g, of which: sugars 1.2g, starch 7.6g, fibre 1.3g, protein 3.5g, salt 0.1g.  The salt content depends only on natural sodium in it.

Net weight: 190 g.

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