Three main principles, which describe our products:


Because we care for children and their mothers. Only natural and fresh, i.e. non-frozen and non-defrosted, foods are used to produce our baby food. All ingredients are delivered from farms just before production and there is no long term storage, meaning our foods are the freshest they can be.

As if it were mummy-made

Some mothers believe that only home-made mashes and porridges are good for children, but children's doctors claim that products commercially produced specifically for infants are just as healthy and valuable to their development. Marmaluzi is an excellent alternative to food made by mum. Do not be surprised if your baby starts loving it, because Marmaluzi products are made with love, care and safety.


Therefore balanced and practical every day.
According to the ingredients and their proportions, our product have best nutritional and energy value. Marmaluzi products comply with the requirements on quality of food for infants and young children, and are intended to be used as nutritional supplements. No nutrients are being disrupted in the process of production, because low temperatures are applied. Therefore, the appropriate amount of calories, valuable proteins and vitamins remains.

Our principles:

We are strictly against the preservatives and other food additives (sweeteners, thickeners, starch, etc.), including the sugar and salt in production.

We are production in small quantities, which makes it possible to focus on raw materials and quality of final product.

We are producing our products at low temperatures, which allows to preserve more of the natural nutrients, vitamins, calories and protein.

Innovative technology ensures sterility of the product in the jar.

In the Marmaluzi' product production we are using tested and natural raw materials. All raw materials are certified and high quality.

I am very satisfied! Thanks for the gifts of my princess satisfied them tasting and enjoying, it is also shared with a neighbor, because the need to distribute good.

Laura Buchonine

The most tastiest batter! I recommend 🙂

Sotera Sveikauskaite

The food we didn't taste yet because we are too small, but equipped Marmaluzi mother and child small rooms in supermarkets is some kind of science fiction and refreshment to the eye and soul !!! We are grateful for them to be very good with the baby !!

Eglė Marija Valys

My puppy love smile emoticon !!!!!

Ivona Sakson

Puree tasty, good composition and more people are working great.

Roberta Cemnolonskiene

Marmaluzi employs real professionals who really care about their customers more minor.

Silvija Skudutienė

... I am very happy ... the daughter is really happy as well - as it is not, having a very wide selection of ecological / biodynamic products from the daddy - anyway, MARMALUZI defeated ... Good luck to you and good luck ... and really up to a quick meeting

Rokas Malinauskas

Marmaluzi baby food is not new for us, and we often buy this ``brand`` for ourselves. I share my son's Gustas comments 🙂
The most current of all ours are: ``vegetables and chicken porridge``, ``dried prunes``, ``apple and pumpkin pure``, ``three cereal flakes porridge``.

Evelina Mockienė

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