Marmaluzi is the very first range of foods for babies and infants produced in Lithuania. All of our ingredients and recipes have been carefully and responsibly selected from Lithuanian farms, with everything we make having obtained quality compliance certificates. Our range of baby products and recipes have also been developed in partnership with Lithuania’s leading pediatric dieticians and gastroenterologists, to ensure we provide your baby with the healthiest food possible.

In ingredients and their proportions, the product is nutritious and of proper energy, as needed for a baby of a certain age. During production, raw materials are processed so that nutrients do not degrade, and the proper content of calories, valuable proteins, and vitamins remains the same.

As Marmaluzi, we believe:

  • healthy and nutritious baby food is the beginning of a happy childhood.
  • Our delicious porridges, purees, and juices are produced in Lithuania using the highest quality fresh products only.
  • Dedication to quality and following the philosophy producing like for ourselves guarantees that our products are safe, particularly tasty, and healthy to their last bite.

Lithuanian farmsa’ raw materials are selected according to the State Food and Veterinary Office’s recommendations.
The formula meet requirements for healthy babies’ and young children’s nutrition and is intended to consume as a supplement to their diet.
We work closely with leading Lithuanian infant and paediatric nutritionists-gastroenterologists: Professor Hab.Dr. Liutauras Labanauskas and infant nutritionist-gastroenterologist Rūta Rokaite.
So, every formula produced by the company is scientifically justified and verified.

We make products with love and dedication, following the philosophy “producing like for ourselves” and taking care of a baby – the best what life gave us. Focusing on interests of a mother and a responsible attitude to baby food encourages us to produce a safe, healthful, and nutritious product.
We believe that a healthy and nutritious baby food is the beginning of a happy childhood.

We use in the production only natural, fresh, unfrozen, and non-defrosted products. All raw materials are supplied from ecological local farms and consumed only on the same day.

Marmaluzi benefits

Fresh, because we care for children and their mothers.

Only natural and fresh, i.e. non-frozen and non-defrosted, foods are used to produce our baby food. All ingredients are delivered from farms just before production and there is no long term storage, meaning our foods are the freshest they can be.

Delicious. Happy kids, happy mums, happy families.

Eating is an exciting experience for children of a young age. With Marmaluzi, you can be sure that you feed your child food with just the right texture, look, smell and – most importantly – taste. All of this is achieved by the use of natural and fresh ingredients.

Nutritious, therefore balanced and practical every day.

According to the ingredients and their proportions, our product have best nutritional and energy value. Marmaluzi products comply with the requirements on quality of food for infants and young children, and are intended to be used as nutritional supplements. No nutrients are being disrupted in the process of production, because low temperatures are applied. Therefore, the appropriate amount of calories, valuable proteins and vitamins remains.

Healthy, infant food means healthy people in the future.

The Marmaluzi-produced mashes and porridges contain no preservatives. Thanks to our special preparation methods, our infant products retain their nutritional value without any preservatives – thus staying safe. It helps mum to raise healthy children.

As if it were mummy-made

Some mothers believe that only home-made mashes and porridges are good for children, but children’s doctors claim that products commercially produced specifically for infants are just as healthy and valuable to their development. Marmaluzi is an excellent alternative to food made by mum. Do not be surprised if your baby starts loving it, because Marmaluzi products are made with love, care and safety.

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